Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kent Courthouse Installation

Here's a look at the installation process of my recently completed commission for the Kent Municipal Courthouse. The artwork was designed to act as a separation wall in the entrance to the Courthouse, guiding visitors through the metal detector.  The piece is made of two 14 foot long sheets of glass upon which imagery of branches have been sandblasted (by Wynia/Rhuby Architectural Glass). I then metal leafed the sandblasted images, one sheet with copper and the other with aluminum. The photo above shows me applying the copper leaf (at Wynia's studio) into the etched grooves created by the sandblasting.

The copper leafed glass in the studio, ready to be moved to Kent.

Prepping one of the glass pieces for moving (that's me dusting and fussing). 

 Carefully moving the pieces onto the van for the trip from Fremont to Kent.Here you can see each tree panel before they are combined in the final work. 

Installing the two pieces inside the Kent Courthouse. The stainless steel framework was fabricated by Stephen Hirt and Co., and his terrific crew also helped with the installation.

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  1. Enjoying your photos... Awesome and amazingly creative. Love it!